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aka design the online presence of Anna K. Amendolare.

I design, build, and promote websites.

When I'm not in front of my computer, I enjoy baking (and eating) cakes, cycling off those calories, and traveling. My hobbies include yoga, worm composting, and reading fiction from the New York Times bestseller list.

If you're looking for a reliable and friendly creative who’s easy to work with, check out my portfolio and contact me.


Hi, I'm Anna and I am aka design.

Computer geek, coffee junkie, creative genius. I think that about sums it up. I am a freelance designer who lives for the creative challenge. Imagining the best way to communicate your message through my creative designs is what gets me out of bed in the morning. That, and the thought of that first cup of coffee. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to hear, "That is exactly what I was looking for." With a background in sales and marketing, a respected communications degree, and over a decade of experience, (view my resume) I am consistently able to deliver quality designs that clearly convey your message.


Website Design and Build
I design attractive websites (including Wordpress blogs and e-commerce) that are easy to use, easy to find, and targeted to your audience. Then, I build the site to the latest standards, taking care to ensure it displays properly on all browsers.

Online Support and Promotion
Great—you have an awesome website. Now what?

Online Strategy: I can recommend and manage the most appropriate combination of social media outlets to promote your business and engage your audience.

Email Marketing: Stay connected with your visitors and drive traffic to your website. I create vivid email templates and interesting content and provide detailed reports so you can measure how effective campaigns have been.

Brand Communications: I can create a distinct logo and deliver eye-catching graphic design material. We'll work together to create brand standards that keep your message consistent across all communications.


Ro's Cakes shows up fourth on Google results Design without purpose is just art.
Not only must everything I create look good, it must serve a purpose. Whether that purpose is the be discovered by search engines or drive traffic to your website, it's not enough to just look cool. What design solution can I provide for you?

The image at left shows a #4 ranking in a Google search for a website I built.

View my full portfolio of design solutions.


Let's chat.
Question? Comment? Get in touch! Feel free to contact me directly either by phone or email. I make every effort to return all calls and emails within 24 hours.

Email: anna@akagraphicdesign.com

Phone: 240.593.4808

Twitter: aka_des1gn

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